Our staff is the lifeblood of the yeshiva. Our rebbeim develop genuine relationships with their talmidim and take interest in the entire child, enabling every talmid to develop into a true ben torah and reach his full potential.

Educational Administration

Rabbi Hillel Mandel


Rabbi Hillel Shepard

Incoming Menahel

Rabbi Baruch Leff

General Studies Principal

Mrs. Rivkah Orlievsky

Manager of Student & School Operations

Executive Administration

Rabbi Dovid Kapenstein

Director of Development


Mrs. Esther Addess

Nursery Morning Teacher

Mrs. Naomi Rosen

Nursery Afternoon Teacher

Mrs. Chaya Sora Kohn

Nursery Assistant

Ms. Aliza Fakehri

Nursery Assistant

Ms. Nechama Horowitz

Pre-1A Morning Teacher

Mrs. Chaya Sora Cohn

Pre-1A Afternoon Teacher

Ms. Leah Birnbaum

Pre-1A Morning Assistant

Ms. Esther Yifrah

Pre-1A Morning Assistant

Mrs. Chana Fishkind

Pre-1A Afternoon Assistant

Elementary School Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Tuvia Tessler

1st Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Eliyahu Mandel

2nd Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yaakov Schreiber

3rd Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Chaim Rayman

4th Grade Rebbe

Elementary School Secular Studies

Ms. Sora Rhine

1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Leah Kleiner

1st Grade Assistant

Ms. Adina Itzkowitz

2nd Grade Teacher

Mr. Zevi Fishkind

3rd Grade Teacher

Rabbi Gedalia Goldstein

4th Grade Teacher

Middle School Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Mordechai Herman

5th Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Aryeh Sternman

6th Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yehoshua Goldberger

7th Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Levi Altshuler

7th Grade Rebbe

Middle School Secular Studies

Mrs. Shoshana Steiner

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Chantelle Firstman

6th Grade History Teacher

Mr. Jonathan Paran

5th Grade Math, 6th Grade English and Math Teacher

Rabbi Arezal Soleymani

7th Grade Teacher

Resource Room

Rabbi Shmuel Motzen

Limudei Kodesh Resource Room Director

Rabbi Yehuda Levenson

Limudei Kodesh Resource Room Rebbe

Mrs. Shira Pancer

General Studies Resource Room Director

Ms. Bracha Dixler

General Studies Resource Room Teacher

Support Staff

Mr. Meir Parry

Social Worker

Ms. Yael Anflick

Office Assistant

Mr. Yossi Eisenberg

Floating afternoon substitute, Sunday secretary

Ms. Meira Levi

FEATS Designer, Videography

Yeshivas Toras Simcha is guided and directed by our esteemed Vaad. All matters of policy and significance are directed to their attention. We are pleased and honored to have these rabbis at the helm of our school.

Rabbi Pinchos Gross

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer

Rabbi Tzvi Teichman

Yeshivas Toras Simcha is supported and inspired by the leadership of our Board of Directors. They generously give their time, advice and financial resources. Their devotion to our school provides the support and enthusiasm which fuels its growth.

Dovid Hoffman

Moshe Yitzchak Markowitz

Menachem Pinck

Yitzie Pretter

Eric Reitberger

Jason Reitberger

Moshe Meir Rubin

Nechemia Weinreb