To apply to Yeshivas Toras Simcha, please fill out our application and mail it to our office with your $250 non–refundable admission fee. If you have any questions or concerns about the admissions process, please contact us and a member of our office staff will respond as soon as possible.

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Yeshivas Toras Simcha welcomes you to visit our campus – speak to the faculty, meet the students, and get a feel for the warmth of our school.

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Yeshivas Toras Simcha is committed to providing an excellent Jewish education to dedicated families who view their children’s education as one of their highest priorities and primary responsibilities. Your tuition dollars help us to build a warm, safe, and supportive environment for your sons to explore and discover the beauty of the Torah lifestyle. Without sacrificing educational quality, YTS works to alleviate, where necessary, the financial burden on parents as much as possible.

While we work hard to raise money for our Scholarship Fund, financial aid funds are limited. Families are encouraged to apply as early as possible each year, as grants are awarded on a rolling basis, subject to availability and application deadlines. Awards are decided on a case-bycase basis. Financial aid applications and supporting documents must be submitted prior to the deadline. Applications are reviewed carefully, and award offers are contingent upon adherence to specified terms.


1. No family will be accepted to Yeshivas Toras Simcha without proof of up to date vaccinations.

2. No student shall be exempt from this policy.

3. All families must provide new up to date vaccination records, when required by law or requested by the school.

4. Yeshivas Toras Simcha doesn’t recognize a religious exemption to vaccination.

5. Medical Contraindication

a. The only exemption that Yeshivas Toras Simcha accepts is a medical contraindication specific to that student’s individual medical health history.
b Any medical contraindication must be signed and dated by the student’s current treating physician.
c. All such letters or forms shall be reviewed by the school’s physician advisor.

In case of a disagreement between the school and a parent, all decisions shall be brought to the Vaad HaChinuch of Yeshivas Toras Simcha whose decision shall be final.